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We provide fast approvals and financing solutions for your customers

By completing this form we offer discounted establishment fees and provide brokers bonuses if taken to final settlement.

We aim to provide borrowers, brokers and lenders with the highest quality service and streamline business engagement.

Delivering peak performance and unwavering reliability

Here’s how we ensure information and funding are accessible to all three stakeholder groups, distinguishing our approach from other funders who rely on bank facilities for cash access.


Vance finance is an industry leader in providing short term first and second mortgage finances to customers requiring expedient settlement and flexibility.


Vance Finance offers brokers expedient engagement on their clients financing needs. We specialise in working with brokers to enable their clients to quickly access essential capital.


Investing with Vance Finance opens up a whole new opportunity for portfolio growth and diversity.

Our simple approach


Either contact us directly or complete our information sheet for us to assess the funding options available to you


Once a funding offer has been agreed we expediently engage one of our independent valuation partners to assess the assets fair market value.


Our expert company directors will assess the merits of your request and respond back quickly to provide a funding offer


When all required documents are provided and an official valuation is available final legal documents are issued. Borrowers usually receive funds in two business days. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can do a mixture of first and second mortgages on several different properties simultaneously.
Yes, however these assets need to be of considerable value such as luxury vehicles or plant / equipment to be considered and only under special circumstances.

We offer interest up front, monthly or end of term repayment options. In many cases there is a mixture to best accommodate both borrowers and lenders.

Brokerage fees are negotiated with the borrower and broker directly.
Vance has a singular establishment fee to manage the work required to approve, finance and manage your loan. This fee varies on individual circumstances but is always within industry norms.

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